Virgin Galactic on Its way to Spaceport America

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Virgin Atlantic Deal with New Mexico!

Activities moving to Spaceport America

What is going on?

Virgin Galactic made a deal with New Mexico to move its commercial space activities to Spaceport America.  The spaceline staff, space vehicles will be moving from the Mojave, California to its commercial operations in New Mexico.  

Spaceport America is the first commercial spaceport with its primary purpose to facilitate space travel.  It is has cutting edge facilities for training, education, and development.  The facility was funded by the state of New Mexico and the the Sierra and Dona Ana counties.

Wy Strategy Matters

Virgin Galactic was founded in 2004 for the purpose of developing “suborbital spaceflights to space tourists.”   Bransons interest in the airline business was already wildly successful taking advantage of deregulation of the airline industry.  

Branson’s control of Virgin n 1984 after some corporate changes which was 20 years before Virgin Galactic was announced. At that time The airline operates between the UK and European destinations then quickly added North American routes.

The whole story is an interesting story which culminated in Branson taking over the company with a short timeline to be successful or close the doors.  In the first year the company was profitable, and on there way to being the largest airline in the UK.  

So why does it matter?  20 years ago when the industry didn’t exist, when no one could imagine that space travel or sub-orbital travel would be a real possibility.  (albeit I5 years later than Branson thought the first flights would be) Virgin Galactic is born.  The idea may not ultimately be to have fanciful rides and look down on the earth, but to take a leadership, and mindshare position away from the competition.  Who will be the first to be setting up a resort on the moon?  Who will launch the first space station for a week in the stars?  My bet is Virgins strategy is to be leading the revolution to ever expanding markets, revenues, and opportunities.  

And now?

Virgin Galactic conducted its first VSS Unity test flights back in February 2019.  Fast forward just a couple of months and Branson will be a passenger flying to the edge of space July 16th commemorating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.

And the jolt of reality for the rest of us travel is here, or at least the seeds of an explosive future.  

We are at the cusp of a new era in human adventure.  My bet is on Virgin to have the first holidays to a space station.  The Virgin space station.  

Strategy and commitment to the future with a relentless vision.

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