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Seed Funding and Venture Capital

What to be prepared for

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Before you walk in to the investor or angel meeting

Your presentation maybe strong, but investors know what you’ve left out.  

You will always get fairly similar types of questions, so you need to be prepared.  Listen and learn from the meetings your having and fine tune your presentation.  You will start to recognizing trends in the information investors are looking for and be more prepared.  Additionally you can proactively remove the objections and show the group you understand what’s important.

Expect questions as soon as you get started


Basic information about the market your in or getting in to.


How is the market reacting

Who's Who

Your foundation


Look to your SWAT for some of this information

Money and Financials

Detail about your value, and money questions.

IP and Product

Depth about the product

Use of Funds

Now you have the money, whats next?

Sales and Marketing

Corporate and Other Legal

Other Answers you will need to know

Valuation and Money

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