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Saving You Time Tips: SSD Maintenance – Mac and PC

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SSD Maintenenance

SSD - Trim - Check it, Update it

For simplicity its super important to ensure your SSD hard drive is set to trim.  The trim command lets the operating system that blocks of memory aren’t in use on the drive, and they can be, and will be wiped out.  Without it, your drive will simply degrade over time.

What to do Mac

On Mac – (Ensure you have proper backups) 

1.  Go in to a Terminal Windows (CMD+Space) type “Terminal”

2.  Type “sudo trimforce enable” Enter.  Agree to the terms and reboot.  If you ever want to disable the command it is the same process but “”sudo trimforce disable”

What to do PC

For Windows 10 PC’s

1.  Open your command prompt as the administrator (Windows key, type “command” then right click run as administrator

2.  Type “fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify” – If the result is “0” our good to go

3.  If the reply is “1” you need to enable Trim.  Keep the same window open and type “fsutil behavior set disabledeletenotify 0”

4.  Windows Key – Type Optimize – and defragment and optimize… 

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