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Decisions – Part 1

Decision Making
Part 1

So much has been written about this subject and yet every single day it seems to be the lifeline of every human being on the planet.

For today, and for our clients, we look at how personal decisions are made as well as business decisions. Easily for most people, bias and experience will predicate the way we assert a decision.

To make an entry into this vast topic, I will offer a small number of critical steps to making decisions.  The most successful people in the world share some commonality when it comes to decisions.

One: Make decisions, and be prepared to be pragmatic with whatever the outcomes may be.

Two: Commit to making decisions regularly as part of your days and weeks.

Three: Make your most important decisions when you have the highest acuity and energy. Additionally, If you are most productive at a particular time of day, then focus your most critical decisions then. For example, if your a morning person, then be prepared to engage and make essential decisions then.

Four: Take input from the broadest range of stakeholders possible. Assert your EQ by allowing everyone to have input, especially the 70% that aren’t asserting their opinions.

Five: Stay focused on the critical decision you have to make. As soon as you start to multi-task, your effectiveness can be diminished by up to 40%. (The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload)

Six: Don’t make emotional decisions. Stay emotionally unbiased and unaffected.

The most important thing may be to get into the habit of making decisions.

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