COVID-19 – Readiness Part 2

Outcomes and Readiness - Part 2

When COVID-19 comes to an end, and the more than 17-20 Million workers head back to work in the United States.  Plants and stores will start re-opening, and business as we know it will begin again. We will start to see see the status quo painted on the signpost in front of us, and COVID behind us, and we have to start preparing..


Be Patient as they say Rome wasn’t built in a day.

The biggest thing is to set our expectations properly.  If we have the all-clear expect that will look like a phased-in approach.  Look for a drawn-out process to restart your business or workforce. Back to work will mean, back to work over the course of several months.   We won’t see a giant migration back to normal working or business.


Changes in the workplace – Slow and Steady

Staggard Workforce:  Be prepared to slowly integrate your workplace and your workforce.  Have employees organized in teams scheduled on similar shifts. Each team should be relatively isolated from the others.  Americans should expect to stagger full re-integration over several months. The world can’t afford to see a second wave of COVID and more prolonged social distancing measures causing even more catastrophic results.


The New Now

Buyers will be uncertain about the immediate and mid-term future.  As a seller be keenly aware of that mindset and be flexible and understanding.  Make sure your sales team understands the mindset of your buyers.  


After safety concerns are being addressed, and clients are feeling better in the workplace start with your existing orders and backorders that haven’t been addressed.  Start formulating new delivery dates and schedules as well as future contingencies for customers, deliverables and orders.  

Economic uncertainties also bring the fear of bankruptcy and severe fiscal restraint to customers. Reactions for financial safety and security will become paramount to many both practically and psychologically.  Make sure you are focused on future activities that will bring success. Stay positive and prioritize your sales and spending activities. Generate leads that can have the highest impact on your overall business and address outstanding orders and the clients that have been waiting for business to resume.

Be prepared to adapt rapidly, and create mindsets that are pragmatic and realistic.  Your employees and clients will need this.

Outreach easier with a new digital footprint

Since social distancing began even business’ that have been completely in the dark technologically have been moving forward with technology.  Most companies have launched into a world of video and virtual meetings and are prepared to be virtual in their engagements. Find opportunities to be more productive digitally and engage more productively across a wider spectrum of clients.  Your workforce may be able to become considerably more efficient.


Credit concerns and bankruptcy

Some clients may now severely compromised financially.  The spectre of bankruptcy and cashflow are at the forefront of many executives.  Prepare accordingly to accommodate new constraints on cash. (see above for some strategies).  Your company will likely have to learn to be more nimble for a time and focus on the highest performing sales teams, products and customers.  Find the customers that will explode in the aftermath of COVID.


Supply chain concerns

Be prepared for disruptions and delays in your supply chain.  From human capital to raw materials. Every sector will be re-aligning from both a production and supply perspective.  Make sure you have contingency plans in place to deal with your supply chain.


Significant changes and shifts will come, but everyone will overcome these.  In unprecedented times come remarkable outcomes. You can be seen as a leader, and accelerate past your competitors.  See opportunities in all areas of your business wether it be being more efficient, redefining your supply chain, or invigorating your sales.   Be a leader!

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