Covid-19 Coronavirus Preparedness

COVID-19 – Readiness Part 1

Be ready for when Covid-19 is behind us and were ready to re-open. Questions you need to be asking right now!

It’s April 14 and everyone is under lockdown. Over 96% of the population is practicing social distancing, 17m Americans have filed for unemployment.

Are you asking:

Hypothetical and broad scope questions
What happens next?
How can I predict the eventualities and plan accordingly?
What is going to happen to the broader economy? Our sector? Our business?

Practical Questions
What are we doing now?
How far along is our planning?
What parts of our business are we addressing? What parts do we need to examine more carefully
How can we prepare?

Executional Questions
What steps you’re taking to manage your business now to prepare?
How were you utilizing your organizational capacity and capabilities?
Have you taken advantage of PPP or EIDL?
Are you contributing to the community?
Are you considering the contributions you can make to set your business apart from the others?

Personal Growth
How are you using your time and resources?
How are you proactively seeing personal growth opportunities?
Are you considering the possibilities this time is affording you?

If you’re not asking those questions now you won’t be ready for when the world goes back to normal, or maybe approaches normal. Take some time to assess those questions and look for part 2.

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