Mentoring and Coaching for Maximum Results
Using a Combined Approach

Coaching and Mentoring

From idea to early stage we have 20+ years developing companies from the ground up.

We have an incredible breadth of experience to guide you and take you where you need to go, and when the time is right.

Meicor will help change your 10 year success rate from 28% to over 90%.

Take Start-Up clients receive assistance in planning, forecasting, operations, finance, planning legal, and human resources Fuel your new business with: customer acquisition strategies, customer loyalty strategies, pricing strategies, market verticals along with scalable capabilities.



Goal and Mission Oriented

Measurable results in a short-term plan


Long-term development

Personal and professional growth

Preparing for advancement and leadership


Provide a framework and the tools necessary to 

develop mentoring or coaching programs.

Customized Programs

Ongoing support


Short Term
Performance Credibility
Remedial Training and Focus


Specific Expert Knowledge
Reliance on KPIs for Effectiveness
Software and System Reliance


Management Involvement in Program
Direct Management Feedback
Available as Needed


Task Oriented
Skills and Knowledge: Specific
Outsider to the Organization


Relationship Oriented
Results hard to Quantify
Personal and Professional Development
Privacy between Mentor and Mentee
Business and Personal Transformations

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